The landslide of emotions when you can’t say sorry…

Dear Mother, I wish I told you how much I love you just once. I’m not shy yet I remain mute. I wait for you to be lying on your death bed taking your final ragged breaths. You wheeze and splutter. Still the words stay buried deep within me. I feel overwhelmed by utter self-hatred. […]

Death, despair and the downward spiral of overthinking

99% of the time I am an Ever Ready bunny bundle of happiness, joy and positivity. So why is it that randomly out of the blue a dark cloud can sneak into my sunny outlook, and what does this look like? I love working from home, don’t get me wrong I miss the comaradery of […]

Dragon soul – Michga running the Gaumray

There weren’t always dragons in the Valley. There weren’t tunnels, passages and secrets either. Now there are, lucky old me to be born into an era of fear, terror and dare I be so bold as to say—adventure? Remi, my brother was such a scary fish, always hiding away in a cave, or behind a […]

The secrets of the jewellery box

Dear Mum, I’ve told you I love you at least a gazillion times, I’ve hugged and kissed you at least a gazillion more. As the baby of the family I was always trouble. Screaming the house down for attention so much so that the neighbours thought I was being murdered. Far from it, with a […]

Towering prawnferno and Chardonnay vomit

Everyone remembers their first time, don’t they? I know I do. My first boyfriend and I had moved into our first house together, and I was cooking Christmas dinner for 8 humans and 3 black labradors. I bought a Gary Rhodes cookbook and I’m making a posh prawn cocktail for the starter. Money is not […]

You have two attempts remaining

“I have already,” Rena complained, twisting the red licorice stick in her mouth and over her teeth. “For the love of god, that is my password.” She slammed her hands on the desk, causing a waterless tsunami of pens, pencils and the other crap littering her workspace to scatter in all directions. “Reset your password.” […]

Beach bum versus CEO

The alarm pierced the quiet of the cockpit. Terry looked up from her laptop, removing one of the enormous ear defenders from her right ear to ensure she was hearing the noise and not imagining it. “We’re going down; brace for impact.” The pilot screeched over their shoulder at her. “What, no. You have got […]

The First Time I Met Blue

They told me the day Blue found me changed him completely. I have yet to discover whether this was a good or bad thing. He retells the story differently every time, changing the subject when I challenge him. My favourite version was the one I turned to for comfort. Or when I needed strength. It […]